In the Service of Ophthalmology
Thomas Short

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STAAR Surgical
Silicone, Collamer, 3 Piece and Toric lenses. Inquire about STAARViscII viscoelastic and the AquaFlow device for Glaucoma treatment.

Ophthalmic Instrumentation for today's advanced procedures.

ICL Training
Learn how to become a certified physician for the use of the STAAR Surgical Visian ICL.

Optometric Seminars
Let us help you grow your practice.

Refractive Surgery and Dry Eye
Punctal Plugs, DuraPlugs (extended temporary plugs), Educational videos & brochures and LASIK & LASEK Instruments.

Learn about "Epi-LASIK" instruments for surface ablation.

A, A/B Scan, Handheld Pachymeter. Contact us for the latest biometry training course schedule.

InOffice surgical suites that can meet AAAHC certification guidelines, for use with the phakic refractive lens.

Micro Incision
BiManual Phaco & I/A, Anterior Segment Instruments with changeable heads, reusable Phaco tips from MST.

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